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The Cavemen Go featured in February Records Zine

March, April, May
(courtesy of February Records)

Hey all! Check out The Cavemen Go in February Records‘ inaugural issue of their zine ‘March, April & May.’ Although we may not be making music together so much these days, February Records was kind enough to feature us in this issue, along with many other great bands that have released music on the label over its first 5 years. Included is an interview with drummer Bob Rock who talks about the past and future of the band, as well as our association with February Records (see pages 50-53). Make sure to pick up a copy online via the February Records bandcamp. Thanks and we hope everyone is well!


The Cavemen Go @ 33 Golden/New London, August 17th

The Cavemen Go @ 33 Golden Street/August 17th
Yup, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. We will be playing our first show in over a year at New London, CT.’s 33 Golden Street on Saturday, August 17th. Joining us for this one-off performance will be the righteous sounds of M.T. Bearington (New Haven psych-pop) and The Lost Riots (New Haven punk rock). For those of you who missed our show last June, mark your calendars because this will, once again, most likely be our last show for a while. Special thanks go out to Die Hipster! for making this happen. Rock n’ Roll!

Look At Those Cavemen Go

As you may or may not have heard already, our longtime friend and band mate Emily McMinn announced her departure from the Cavemen Go this past week. Rather than wallow in our own misery, we decided to play one last show at the Oasis in New London as means of celebrating Emily’s stay with the band. And a celebration it was. We wanted to thank everyone who came out on Friday to wish Emily well and also to acknowledge her dedication and many contributions to the band; it was a truly memorable night at a truly memorable venue in a truly great town. As for the rest of us, its safe to say that The Cavemen Go will be taking an extended break from any type of performance or recording activity for the near future. During this time we will be going back to the drawing board, so to speak, in hopes of creating something that can once again live up to our past successes. We can’t guarantee what the result of said excursion will be or even if the Cavemen Go, as we know it, will ever return. Whatever the outcome, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to each and every person who contributed to or supported us; we had a long run and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. We feel truly grateful to have been able to share our music with everyone and hope you were able to experience even some of the joy it brought us in return. Thanks again for everything and we hope to see you again in the future.

– The Cavemen Go