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Stories from the road…..

The Cavemen Go don’t need no stinkin’ tour van.  As a matter of fact, this band is a tour van. At any given moment the Cavemen Go are simultaneously in three states at once. Yes, we’re THAT awesome. Also we don’t tour. At least not in the traditional sense. Instead we live in three of the greatest cities ever. WE’RE ALWAYS ON THE ROAD. Yah, take that! Wait, what was I saying? Oh yah, tour vans.

Anyway, a few years ago David Bowie came to us in a collective dream to impart wisdom on some body image issues that we were having at the time.  It was pretty real. Afterward, we sold the story to HBO for $10,000 dollars in order to fund the recording of our last record. Here’s what they came up with:


Just where are the Cavemen going?

Surely a question for the ages…

In other news, we have a new blog! Actually, this is nothing new (we used to have a blog….in 2004)  but this one will be bigger, better, BRIGHTER and will be filled with insights into our genius including: Strongbad, cold fusion, Mexicali burritos, David Bowie, PBR and the ever elusive diminished chord. Yessiree, come one, come all; witness the drama, live the excitement, feel the energy! Digital Drop is about to, y’know, DROP!